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Benevolence Fund

The Benevolence Fund is a charitable initiative, designed to provide financial assistance to members of the community in need. Its primary goal is to help individuals and families who are facing financial difficulties and cannot afford essential services or items. This can include support for basic necessities like food, clothing, medical expenses, or utility bills.

The fund is usually sustained through donations, which may come from members of the organization, the broader community, or even fundraising events. Individuals in need can apply for assistance, and the funds are allocated based on set criteria and the availability of resources. The Benevolence Fund is not just a financial tool but also a reflection of the community's commitment to supporting its members in times of hardship, fostering a sense of solidarity and compassion.

If you are in need of funds from the Ministry please fill out the form and bring it to one of the Churches listed on the Ministerial Churches page of the website, and someone from that church will be in contact with you about the application. Thank you.



Redeemer Lutheran Church |  250-428-9100 | Address: 315 15th Ave N, Creston

Erickson Covenant Church | 250-428-4174 |  6017 Canyon-Lister Rd, Erickson

New Life Church | 250-428-5975 | 1821 Elm St, Creston

Trinity United Church | 250-428-4015 |  136 10th Ave N, Creston

Holy Cross Catholic Church |  250-428-2300 |  128 16 Ave N, Creston

St Stephens Presbyterian Church |  250-428-9745 |  306 Northwest Blvd, Creston

Christ Church Anglican | 250-402-3225 | 422 7 Ave N, Creston

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